Marketing types

Learn about the marketing-related types available in CQL.

Marketing types refer to data types representing marketing information, such as campaign details, traffic sources, and advertising content. These data provide valuable inputs for personalization, segmentation, and other strategies used in digital marketing.

This summary provides an overview of the marketing-related types:

CampaignA digital marketing campaign.


This type represents a digital marketing campaign, such as a holiday sale, a new product launch, or any other type of digital marketing effort.

The properties defined in this type are compatible with the UTM parameters widely used in digital marketing for tracking and analytics purposes.


These are the available properties:


A unique identifier for the campaign. It is usually a short string, such as "summer-sale" or "new-product-launch".


The advertiser, site, or publication generating the traffic. For example, "google", "facebook", or "newsletter".


The advertising or marketing channel used to reach the user. For example, "email", "video", or "social".


An identification of the specific ad or content the user interacted with. For example, "main-banner" or "newsletter-cta".


The keyword or term that triggered the ad. For example, "running shoes" or "tennis racket".